Comedienne Rebel Wilson, who appears in the upcoming Michael Bay film 'Pain & Gain,' recently did her very first on-camera sex scene. And when it just wasn't sexy enough, Wilson brought in her own props to spice things up. Including a pair of nunchucks.

As she adorably explained to Jay Leno, giggling the whole time, she didn't know what to expect for the sex scene, so she shaved (just in case) and went for it.

Unfortunately, the note director Michael Bay gave her sweaty performance was, "Ugh, I'm not sure whether this is quite sexy enough." To which Wilson replied, "I know what it'll make it more sexy: nunchucks."

Thankfully, she just so happened to have her own nunchucks with her that day (what, you don't have some?), and movie magic was made.

Check out the full video above for the still -- and prepare to fall in love.

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