For someone who's developed into an edgy and enviable fashionista in recent years, WTF has Michelle Williams done to her hair?

The blonde actress has always exuded a natural hipness, living in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan when she first coupled up with the late Heath Ledger.

And while she's had a pixie cut for years, she said back in February that she was growing it out. But now she's showing off a new punk rock thing, similar to that one-sided, angled but close-cropped bob we've seen on Rihanna.

It's shaved on the sides and long and messy on top. It's also not really that flattering.

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Williams, who debuted the coif at the Kate Young for Target event in NYC on April 9, also used a little too much product. The bangs are overly piece-y.

Overall, it's like the cut doesn't know who or what it wants to be ... like her stylist started having her way with Williams' strands and was stopped mid-cut because she was going too short.

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The good news is that other than the bunk hair that's trying too hard to be edgy-cool, we love her outfit. She makes satin shorts look uber fab.

So there's that.

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