In news almost as shocking as the sky being blue or Donald Trump being orange, Miley Cyrus was once more caught on camera smoking weed.

Are you clutching your pearls yet?

TMZ snagged a 19-second video of Cyrus, rocking a black tee and blazing up. She's with pals dancing and rapping along to Big Sean's 'Guap,' because, you know, she's urban now.

Liam Hemsworth was nowhere in sight because he was busy promoting 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' at the MTV Movie Awards. (The video is too blurry and shot from Cyrus' right, so it's unclear whether or not she rocked her engagement rock.)

There's not much to actually see here, save for confirmation that yes, Cyrus does toke up on the reg -- despite some reality-challenged fans who love saying that photos of her doing so were photoshopped or otherwise hacked.

The clip was shot late Sunday night at the Greystone Manor in Hollywood, where Rihanna is known to light up pretty often herself -- because she, too, is apparently super rebellious and badass and needs to show it off in public at every turn to convince the rest of us, we're guessing.

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