Miley Cyrus has a raging case of ... no, not the clap. Damn, you people are awful.

She has a raging case of puppy love.

The singer/actress recently shared a photo of herself and the new canine love of her life, Penny Lane.

The pooch fits in the palm of her well-manicured hand, and we have to say that the pup is cuter than Cyrus herself is. (Sorry, lady. You're out of your teens now -- you can't coast on that Hannah Montana thing forever.)

Miley, a renowned dog lover, has shared tons of photos of her furry four-legged family on her Twitter account this week. So she gets cred for having a big heart -- even if we're still not fans of that hair.

We also have to say we're liking Cyrus' black and white outfit in this shot. From what we can see of it, it's a sophisticated silhouette and makes her look a bit futuristic and sexy.

But the puppy? Is totally still the star of the show.

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