When a magazine like Maxim comes out with its annual "Hot 100" list, revealing who took the top spot is a pretty big deal. Maxim was planning to do that for its 2013 list on this Thursday's 'Today' show -- but Miley Cyrus, it seems, had other plans.

Just as last weekend was kicking off, Miley apparently spilled the beans, tweeting:

This missive was accompanied with a Maxim-branded photo of Miley channeling a somewhat scrawny Bo Derek in a golden swimsuit.

Instead of confirming the news, Maxim simply posted the tweet on its site, asking, "Is she right?" and telling visitors to tune in to 'Today' on May 9, where Editor-in-Chief Dan Bova will clear things up.

Even though Maxim's given no official confirmation, we're guessing Cyrus has her No. 1 spot locked down on good authority -- but did she botch Maxim's plans for a big reveal? Or just help fuel anticipation? No one seems to know for sure.

Following that, she began a stream of posts to her newly-christened Instagram account, dedicating a picture of her bedazzled nails to her fans for helping her achieve the Maxim honors.

From there she posted two more photos of her dogs, because apparently the general public has regained the privilege of seeing them. (Privacy is so last week.)