You guys, relax.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth haven't split up. Sources say it's all good.

There were rumors of a rift between the couple following the 2013 Oscars. The pair partied separately, with Cyrus taking her mom Tish to the Elton John AIDS Foundation gala, while Hemsworth hit up a few pre-parties on his own.

And by "on his own," some witnesses say "with January Jones."

Star (via Radar Online) reported at the time that spies caught Jones and Hemsworth getting hot and heavy all night. “It looked like they had some hot chemistry,” a witness claimed. “They were all over each other -- and they even kissed!”

Hemsworth and Jones were photographed leaving a party together in the same car, but to be fair, that could have just been two people sharing a car. (There were no photos of them hooking up.)

In any case, E! Online insists there are no issues between Cyrus and Hemsworth.

A source said they hit separate parties just because Cyrus' mom basically begged to go to John's party, and Hemsworth wanted to do something else -- so he did, without any drama.

Perhaps to further drive the point home, Cyrus, who gushes openly about Hemsworth in interviews every chance she gets (she hasn't a lot of professional projects to talk about lately), was spotted rocking her engagement ring while going to a recording studio, though she looked a bit forlorn.

What's more, the source insisted, "They are totally together."

Uh oh. "Totally"? Does the source doth protest too much? Time will tell.

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