Miley Cyrus' dad spilled that she and Liam Hemsworth may not get married at all, but sources close to the marijuana enthusiast insist they're still tying the knot.

Just, you know, not anytime soon, because they want to get themselves and their lives together first. Or rather, Hemsworth does, and that makes Cyrus sad.

"They want to figure out their life together before they get married," a source told PEOPLE of the couple.

Makes sense, considering they've been plagued by split and infidelity rumors since this winter.

"They're still engaged and living together," the source added. "They just realized that there is no rush with the wedding and that it's better that they wait a bit."

Apparently Cyrus is bummed about the wait, and, well, can you blame her? Look at that man. We'll wait.

Sources told Radar Online that Hemsworth, 23, "just isn't ready to settle down yet" with Cyrus, 20, which makes sense, because he's 23. And she's 20. Maybe wait until she can legally enjoy the champagne toast her her own nuptials, no?

“When Miley and Liam got engaged, he thought it was going to be a longer engagement and that he would still be able to have a bit of freedom with his life," the source said. “But Miley has been very insistent that they get hitched as soon as possible. She’s been chewing Liam’s ear off about it.”

As is typical for relationships, nagging didn't really work out the way the lil' lady had hoped. “He just snapped and said that he wasn't ready, which upset Miley because she was always so insistent they’d marry within a year.”

Hemsworth reportedly felt “a little trapped” but didn't want to hurt Cyrus' feelings, so he pretty much waited until he snapped and told her, "Enough is enough." Yikes.

“She was devastated, but Miley understands she may have been pushing him too much,” the source continued. “Miley doesn't want to lose Liam, so she’s accepted that she is just going to have to wait.”

Or she can accept the fact that's 20, rich, famous and has legs for days and can easily find someone else. We're here to help. Meanwhile, we'll take a number and wait for Liam to lift that pesky restraining order.