We get it. We know Miley Cyrus has ditched her former Disney image and shed her 'Hannah Montana' past forever, embracing a more mature, sexy girl style. We're well-aware that she wants to be seen as some sort of punk/hip-hop hybrid and is tryharding to co-opt that style.

But she's been making some questionable -- and that's being kind -- fashion choices as of late. Her ensembles are so eyebrow raising that we'll wager even SHE will look back on them in a year and ask herself, "WTF was I thinking?"

Lately, Cyrus has been showing off her midriff whenever possible -- and in fairness, she has a tiny, taut waistline and if we had those washboard abs, we'd be showing them off, too. But the element that's most lacking is consistency. And a little taste.

Case in point? The singer wore a sweatpants/jeans hybrid to a Myspace launch event in L.A. They were not cool, hip or so-ugly-they're-actually-cute -- they were just plain hideous and should be burned, along with all photographic evidence, never to be mentioned again.

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Cyrus embarked on a whirlwind promo tour of NYC last week, so we can understand the need/desire for comfort when not performing or interviewing -- but when she donned these pricey fur-lined, gold cluster sandals and Zubaz-like print pants, paired with a cropped top showing off her tight tummy and loads of gumball machine bling, she lost us.

The only thing missing was a pair of white tube socks, since these are bro shoes. It's as though she's trying to make gym wear chic and the level of fail here is epic.

Alo Ceballos, FilmMagic

When performing on a rooftop for 'Good Morning America,' Cyrus' thigh-high suede boots were sexy, but she paired them with what appeared to be a furry diaper and a sequinned top. Can we say, "Too much going on?" Had she worn the boots with a black dress or even a black mini in a matte or shiny fabric, she'd have projected tough and sexy chic.

What we're saying is there's a fine line between sexy and slutty -- and Miley seems confused about where it is.

Alo Ceballos, FilmMagic

Here Miley showed off her hip-hop side with a baggy Tupac t-shirt. While graphic tees featuring musicians are all the rage right now, we were expecting the singer and actress to don a Sex Pistols or even a Ramones tee. Since, you know, she's all punk rock now.

Sure, her legions of Smilers will ask why she can't be both, but if Cyrus wasn't trying so hard for grown-up, non-Disney cred, it wouldn't be an issue.

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The pop tart toned it down a little during her NYC jaunt in this blue Emilio Pucci ensemble. While it did bare some of her midriff (of course), the embroidered, Asian-inspired detailing was unique and the light fabric appeared to float over her body. This is the route she should be going, since she's almost there.

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Finally, need we remind you of her porcupine hair and fishnet-like Marc Jacobs gown at the 2013 Met Ball?

We get it, Miles. You're not Hannah Montana anymore. You can stop working so hard to convince us now.

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