Staying true to her promise that she would tweet the name of her upcoming album when she reached 13 million Twitter followers, this afternoon Miley Cyrus posted, "13 million #BANGERZ."

Miley must have seen the internet scratching its head in confusion, because moments later she tweeted this:

Now that she's cleared that up, here's what we can expect from 'Bangerz':

It's Going to Be Urban (Surprise!)

In between twerking and flashing her grillz, Miley emphasized her new sound -- and it's a far cry from 'Party in the USA.' With collaborations with Snoop Lion and under her belt, it's no shock that Miley seems to be embracing a hip-hop vibe. During an appearance on 'Live! With Kelly and Michael,' Mi spoke about 'We Can't Stop,' explaining, "It’s not a normal song for me. It’s something different, speaking to a whole different group, of young people, who are on my same page."

... But Also Sentimental

We admit it, we've got 'We Can't Stop' on repeat, but leaked audio of snippets to a few tracks has surfaced. One song, "The Last Goodbye," is a tribute to Miley's dog Lila, who passed away last year. Apparently not all of the songs will be about waiting in the bathroom line. (There's also been a teaser of a new song called 'Wrecking Ball' that leaked, but we can't tell where this one will fall on the musical spectrum yet.)

Miley's Made Serious Sacrifices, So Expect Results

“I never stop working, ever,” Miley told Billboard. “I want my record to be the biggest record in the world, and I’ve given everything to get here, even down to friends and family and relationships — I’ve just put this music first.” If the success of 'We Can't Stop' is any indication, Miley is well on her way to a smash record.

It Might Have More "Miley" References

Remember when Miley smoking salvia was a scandal? Well, that's child's play compared to Miley 2.0. The singer finally admitted the truth about that ambiguous Miley/Molly line in 'We Can't Stop,' telling the Daily Mail, “It depends who’s doing what. If you’re aged 10 it’s ‘Miley.' If you know what I’m talking about then you know ... I don’t think people have a hard time understanding that I’ve grown up. You can Google me and you know what I’m up to -- you know what that lyric is saying.”

Sorry, Directioners: It Will Not Feature Harry Styles and Co.

Despite One Direction's worldwide popularity, Miley claims not to know the band. “I mean, don’t ask me to name a song because I can’t do that, but I know what they look like," she told Heat magazine. “I think I met Harry? I think backstage once … I don’t really remember that much. I just remember my sister was super excited."

What are you hoping to hear? Sound off in the comments!

 Watch Miley's 'We Can't Stop' Video

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