Mila Kunis prefers being single. Which isn't exactly a ringing endorsement for current boyfriend Ashton Kutcher.

In an interview for the March issue of Allure magazine, Mila mused that her fondest memories are of being unattached.

"For four years I was single ... I love being single,” she said, calling it “an amazing time."

After ditching a nine-year relationship with former child actor Macaulay Culkin, Kunis later began dating her 'That 70s Show' co-star Kutcher (who, after being separated from cougar wife Demi Moore for more than year, finally got around to filing for divorce).

The pair hasn't made a secret of their relationship -- they've been spotted together around the globe and in Ashton's small hometown in Iowa, where they are apparently worshiped as gods.

When asked about him, though, the notoriously private Mila wasn't willing to dish. “I didn’t think this was going to be about my friends ... Not about who my friends are, who I’m dating, or who I may have ever dated. That’s not talking about myself!” she told the magazine.

But when the reporter said it was "interesting" that she’s now romantically involved with someone who was only a pal for many years, Kunis posited, “People change. So who you knew years ago is not necessarily the person that you [know now]."

For the full interview, including why Kunis won't show both side boob and a bare ass simultaneously in a movie ("You get one or the other. You don’t get both."), pick up a copy of Allure when it makes its way to the impulse purchase section of your local supermarket checkout on Feb. 19.

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