Remember that time at the Billboard Awards when Khyati Shah, who innocently went to see Taylor Swift and possibly throw rotten tomatoes at Justin Bieber, ended up being kicked squarely in the head by singer Miguel?

So does she, and she's not doing so hot.

Shah's lawyer, Vip Bhola, spoke to TMZ and explained that even though his client seemed okay at the time, that didn't last long: "Some of the difficulties she's experiencing are cognitive in nature and lead to suspicion of a neurological head injury."

Because that's what happens when R&B singers unexpectedly slam your head into the sharp corners of stages.

According to Bhola, the Billboard folks' only remedy at the time of the injury was to offer Shah an ice pack when she should have been taken to the hospital instead.

Khyati is currently awaiting the results (expected next week) of a neurological test. If it's bad, there could be a suit in the works.

And, hey, maybe Miguel should get a neurological test, too. After all, jumping towards a crowd of people at full speed in pointy, heeled shoes isn't exactly the mark of someone operating at high levels of rationality.

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