If you’re a fan of Megan Fox, you’ve been on a quite a roller coaster ride of emotions this week. First, the actress and new mom was the victim of one of those infamous Twitter death hoaxes.

And then she joined the social networking site shortly after being reported dead.

Coincidence? Maaaaybe.

The death rumor was most likely started by an entity known as Global Associated News – a notorious death hoax outlet – when they broke news of a single vehicle accident that supposedly claimed the life of the ‘Transformers’ star. Despite the fact that the news story refers to Fox as “he” and "him," “#RIP Megan Fox” began trending on Twitter and gullible fans of beautiful women who can only sort of act were shedding mournful tears.

Of course, the "news" was all the more heartbreaking because Fox just gave birth to a son with husband Brian Austin Green in September.

But the sun came out just hours later when Megan Fox herself – very much alive and well – joined Twitter. Not a moment too soon.

And, as any fan would expect, her first tweet was witty and well-written.

Yep. Thank goodness Megan Fox joined Twitter.

We’re glad she wasn’t killed in a car accident, but we do not thank Global Associated News for adding this kind of blither to the Twittersphere.

We know she's new, but could someone please tell her we all got over the “Good morning, Twitter. How are you?” tweets four years ago when we joined?

We will give her this: at least she knows her audience.

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