Don't even try talking to Meg Ryan or Rihanna. Ever.

A U.K. television host, Eamonn Holmes, revealed that American celebs are a lot less approachable than his native Brits. (We think this may be a little unfair -- because European celebs, especially U.K. ones, are more likely to be familiar with and thus feel closer to him, but whatever.)

Holmes described Ryan and Rihanna as the worst offenders.

In RiRi's case, Holmes said the Bajan beauty's team was extremely aggressive and rude.

"It's ridiculous what one guy said to me once about Rihanna," he vented to The Sun. "I said, 'Hello Rihanna, how you are doing? My name is Eamonn. I will be doing the interview with you,' and this guy, he banged me on the shoulder and said, 'Excuse me, if you want to speak to Miss Rihanna, you speak to me.'"

For those wondering, we don't think "this guy" was Chris Brown.

How'd Holmes deal? As he explains it: "I said, 'I am terribly sorry. I am so sorry. Are you on the programme?' He said, 'No I am not,' and then used an expletive."

While the 'Rude Boy' singer may have rude details, Ryan just has, well, issues, according to Holmes.

"Meg Ryan is the woman who should genuinely not be exposed to live broadcast interviews," he revealed.

"Because she psychologically doesn't want to be there and I do think she has got a problem and she doesn't want to talk about herself," he ranted, "Therefore be warned: anybody that gets an interview with Meg Ryan just don't bother."

To be fair, maybe she just doesn't psychologically want to be there because Holmes seems to be judging her already based on her homeland. Hey, Holmes? You lost the war. Keep calm and carry on.

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