In a fake PSA that's probably meant to go viral, actor Matt Damon explains to a staged yet bewildered crowd that he has boycotted going to the bathroom to support, the non-profit he co-founded.

The goal of is to bring fresh water to the developing world by creating “sustainable water supply systems.” Specifically, direct access to clean water. $25 gets someone clean water for life (and gets you major karma points).

In the video, Matt explains, “780 million people - that's twice the population of the United States - lack access to clean water. 2.5 billion people lack access to a toilet or basic sanitation ... more people have cellphones than have toilets.”

“Until this issue is resolved ... I will not go to the bathroom," he vowed. "Join me. Say no to toilets. Say yes to clean water for all."

That's right -- even though he once supported a day for toilets, Matt Damon no longer uses one. Which begs the question of what he does use. Maybe his wife just treats him like a puppy now and lays out newspaper and pee pads.

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