Martha Stewart has been making us sick for years with her constant reminders of what inferior domestic goddesses we are. So maybe it was karma in action when the DIY guru got pretty sick herself this Thanksgiving -- with a nasty case of salmonella.

Stewart revealed that she came down with food-borne illness at the end of November, forcing her to cancel a bunch of appointments and appearances.

"I never get sick, but I came down with salmonella," she told Page Six. "I think I caught it because I was handling so many turkeys around Thanksgiving. I was on the ‘Today’ show, I did a number of other [Thanksgiving] appearances. It really hit me hard and I was in bed for days. It was terrible.”

In bed? For days? Sounds kind of awesome to us. Especially when she added this tidbit: “I lost some weight, though.”

Still failing to see the downside to this. Stuffing your face, avoiding grunts and leers at the gym, lying around watching 'Golden Girls' reruns and dropping a few pounds?

If you'll excuse us, we're off to do some superfluous holiday cooking, during which we'll forget to wash our hands or properly heat our meats. So to speak.

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