Did you miss the best stuff on TV this week, or do you simply want to relive your favorite moments over and over and over (okay, you get it) again? Then check out the best moment of TV this week -- in GIF form.

'Parks and Recreation'

Leslie's always there for approval and support, even when you don't need it. BUT YOU SHOULD TAKE IT.


See, it's totally okay to talk about people behind their backs. It's for winners.


Ben has been KILLING IT in the reaction-face department lately.


'New Girl'

Or he could just convert to being with me instead. I love Jewish boys.


Nick illustrates why bartenders should NEVER cross the bar.


Oh, to be that mirror.


Yeah, it's dorky as hell, but we're into it.


'30 Rock'

Dodged a bullet there, Jenna. Katie Holmes never knew what was coming.


We like to imagine we don't know what ages above 39 are, too. Life ends there, right?


Same. We know that life.


'The Mindy Project'

Who hasn't done the same? Just replace "drug dealer" with "goth guy who wore eyeliner and named his cat Fart," "a guy who had a tribal tattoo," or "a guy who smoked banana peels and loved his mom in ways that made me uncomfortable."


We've all thrown things off the roof in college, right? No? Just me, then.


Mark Duplass is so sexy.


We repeat: Mark Duplass is so sexy.