Congrats to Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady -- they're proud parents to a second winner of the genetic jackpot.

The Boston Globe reports that Bundchen gave birth to daughter Vivian on Wednesday night (Dec. 5). It's Bundchen's second child and Brady's third. The couple are parents to 2-year-old son Benjamin; Brady and his ex Bridget Moynahan split when she was preggers with their now 5-year-old son John.

While Vivian's middle name hasn't been revealed yet, there's a likely shot that it'll be a combination of her mom or another relative's own moniker, because he comes from a line of people who like sharing more than physical perfection with their offspring. Benjamin's middle name is Rein, short for Reinaldo, which is Bundchen's pop's name. John's full name is John Edward Thomas Brady -- Edward is Moynahan's father's first name, while John is Brady's middle name.

The couple confirmed that they were expecting another unfairly gorgeous child back in August. Benjamin Brady celebrates his third birthday this Saturday, Dec. 8. Hopefully, his parents' bulging bank accounts mean he'll have more than just a little sister as a gift this year.

Our best wishes (and some mild disgust) to the happy couple.

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