When Martha Stewart was on the 'Today' show on Monday, April 29, she revealed that she'd created a Match.com account -- because the only man in her life right now is Snoop Lion.

Now the details of the profile have emerged, and they're pretty much exactly what you'd expect.

"You may recognize me from my pictures. Yes, it's really me," Martha, whose username is "thegoodlonglife," tells visitors.

She says she took the leap to online dating after finishing her last book and being "reminded how central good relationships are to happiness and longevity," and she believes technology can be a great asset.

So let's get to the deets.

Martha's interests include cooking (go figure), fishing, "movies/videos" (she still owns a VCR, apparently) and antiquing. Her favorite music includes "the symphony, opera & rap." We're guessing you can thank ol' Snoop for spicing that up.

As far as political views, she's "very liberal" and lists her income as more than $150,000, so the $17.99 price for 6 months of the dating service probably isn't breaking the bank.

Although she's 71, her desired partner's age range is listed as 55-70 -- so she likes 'em young. Well, younger than her, at least.

Martha put "I'll tell you later" under "College," even though a 5-year-old could pull up Wikipedia and find out she graduated from Bernard College with a double major.

"Faith" also got the "I'll tell you later" treatment, which means she could be a Scientologist. Tread carefully, boys.

Finally, the most interesting look into her personality comes beneath the "Pets" heading. After explaining that she owns "birds, cats, dogs and horses," Martha proclaims, "I like fish." But she also listed a sushi restaurant as her favorite hot spot a few lines above that.

What we're saying is that even if you do score a date with the world's most famous Domestic Goddess, you really shouldn't leave her alone with your fish tank and a bottle of soy sauce.

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