Martha Stewart

It's a Good Thing
Martha Stewart is really taking this whole thing seriously -- narrowing down 20,000 possible suitors to five in record time.
Martha on Match
When Martha Stewart was on the 'Today' show on Monday, April 29, she revealed that she'd created a account -- because the only man in her life right now is Snoop Lion. Now the details of the profile have emerged, and they're pretty much exactly what you'd expect.
Common Interests
When it comes to Martha Stewart's relationship with Snoop Lion (or Dogg, if you're not hip), it ain't nuthin' but a "B" thang: Brownies.
Toil and Trouble
Crafty domestic goddess Martha Stewart has inked a deal with JCPenney that will basically give her a monopoly on the major retailer and simultaneously ban Oprah and Rosie O'Donnell from doing business with the chain -- and that's just for starters. Do not pass the crocheted tea-cozy replica of Go. Do not collect 200 Michael's coupons.