Martha Stewart is really taking this whole thing seriously -- narrowing down 20,000 possible suitors to five in record time.

Martha appeared on 'Today' to have Matt Lauer vet some of the potential suitors (although given that Ann Curry debacle, maybe he's not the best judge of character). She now has five men deemed worthy of making paper mache tie racks for -- two of whom she plans on emailing back about getting a coffee. Probably in a private Colombian villa, if we know her.

"It's very time consuming. I have gardens to plant and horses to ride and all kinds of stuff to do," she said wryly, adding, "It's a lot to read through."

Martha also expressed skepticism at the many younger men sending her messages, thinking they may be more interested in her bank account than in long strolls amidst the begonias. In addition, she feels she has to "be careful" about the political views of these men. Which is smart whether you're looking for a love match or not.

On the bright side, if this endeavor goes down in flames like our own personal online dating experiences, she can use the fire to put the finishing touches on a creme brulee.

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