Kristen Stewart once again said some rather R-rated things to the paparazzi -- but unlike last time, we kinda see why she got so bent out of shape.

Warning: The language in the video makes it not safe for work, especially if your boss is trying to maintain the illusion that the stars of 'Twilight' don't say dirty words.

In the brief and heavily edited clip, Stewart hides behind a barrier (that's her assistant standing out front) and yells some choice phrases at a photographer who's apparently been taunting her.

While her minion tries to wave him away, he yells at Kristen, "Why are you telling me to f--- off?" And she yells back, "Because you're a piece of s--- and you don't deserve to breathe the same air I do!"

"Who is a piece of s---?" he asks, as though he doesn't know good and well who she's talking to.

"You are, you f---face," she shoots back.

Eventually KStew emerges and gets into a waiting car, all the while being badgered by this guy -- who pointedly asks her about Robert Pattinson, because that's a great way to make friends with her.

We sometimes think Kristen needs to lighten up, but in this case, we understand why she was so cranky. And since needling her about RPatz for sport seems to be the paparazzi's favorite way of passing the time lately, it's probably just a matter of time before she loses her ish and goes all Kanye on someone.

But since that's exactly what the paps want, we suggest wearing an iPod to drown them out, smiling, and going about her business like they aren't even there. (Now that would piss them off.)

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