The rounds of interviews to promote 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2' continue, this time with Kristen Stewart appearing on 'Conan' to talk about putting things in her mouth, wanting to shoot herself and disliking the concept of girl power.

No, really.

To save you the discomfort of having to watch Kristen Stewart in her natural environment, we've recapped all the awkward highlights below.

Things get off to a great start (ahem) with Conan telling her she looks amazing and getting a lackluster “Thanks man. What up?” in response.

Thankfully, Conan is a consummate professional who keeps the uncomfortable, constantly squirmy Stewart distracted with plenty of questions she can answer as awkwardly as possible. But he might have been better off just dangling some yarn in front of her to play with instead.

For example, when asked what it's like to embody a brand new sexualized Bella, Stewart answers, “Yeah, she finally gets to be on top. It's like Jesus, how long does it take?”

Stewart then launched into a diatribe about filming the movie's sex scenes. “It's great to see your own reflection while you're making schmexy faces. It's absolutely absurd actually ... I want to shoot myself.”

Despite her general irritability and lack of social skills, there is one thing the world and Kristen Stewart can agree on: We're all tired of the 'Twilight' craze. In fact, Stewart says she can't seem to find a gig now and she blames it on the series that made her a star.

“I'm in desperate search of a job actually ... I can't seem to make my way ... Past this whole 'Twilight' thing.”

Conan jokingly offers Stewart an intern position fetching him coffee before prodding her to see what kind of scripts she's been getting.

She explains that because 'Twilight' is about girl power – we don't think that means what she thinks it means – she's been getting a lot of parts for strong female leads. A strong female lead? The horror! The absolute horror!

“Faux girl power is literally revolting,” Stewart said before adding, “Stop thinking. What's the use in that? Just make a movie.”

The highest paid actress in Hollywood, ladies and gentlemen.

Stewart also bit the hands that have literally fed her by imitating Twihards and calling her father a “total fame whore.” In fact, the only redeeming part of the interview was when Stewart admitted that it wasn't hard to quit smoking except “I wanted something in my mouth.”

In the immortal words of Conan O'Brien, “Are you high?”