Yes, we warned you it could happen, but that doesn’t mean we made it so. We said there was a chance that Kris Jenner would get her own talk show, but we still held out hope it was all a giant hoax meant to keep us up nights.

But now? All hope is lost, because America’s best-dressed windbag will indeed blow hot air all over Fox this summer -- right when we really won’t need it.

Deadline Hollywood reports that after lengthy negotiations (most likely with the devil), Fox Television Stations and Twentieth Television have officially announced that Jenner will host a daily one-hour talk show, airing on select Fox stations this summer.

We know for sure that the test cities will include New York and L.A., but other markets have not been announced -- so we can’t tell you if you’ll have to move or just stop watching TV where you live.

Like every other talk show that every other person who shouldn’t be famous has tried to helm, the series will be pop culture-driven and will feature celebrity guests, fashion and beauty trends and a mix of lifestyle topics.

Jenner, who will also be the executive producer of this very original offering, said, “This is something I have wanted to do all my life, so it’s definitely a dream come true!”

"Aside from selling out my own children," she didn't continue, "it's the most fun I've ever had making money!"

Frank Cicha, SVP of Programming for Fox Television Stations, added to Jenner’s glee by saying, “We go into this believing that if it works, the Kris Jenner program could really compliment what we’ve got going with Wendy, Bethenny, etc.”

Both ‘Wendy Williams’ and ‘Bethenny’ have gone into national syndication, so if you're looking for someone to blame, Frank's your guy. 

What's more, Stephen Brown, the EVP of Development and Programming at Twentieth TV, said with a straight face, “Whether offering real advice to her family or sharing personal moments with viewers, Kris is honest, compelling, entertaining, and unscripted – all excellent qualities for a daytime talk show host.”

We're starting to really miss soap operas. Unlike the Kardashian family, at least 'One Life to Live' didn't try to convince us what we were watching was actually real.

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