Since Tuesday, NBC and its morning news juggernaut the ‘Today Show’ haven't won any new fans, taking heat from just about everyone for failing to pause programming for the national moment of silence held every year on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks -- and instead letting Kris Jenner prattle on about her latest boob job.

On every September 11th since the 2001 attacks, much of the US observes a moment of silence at 8:48 a.m. EDT to mark when the first plane hit the Twin Towers. So at that time yesterday, both CBS and ABC interrupted the broadcasts of their morning shows to go to live coverage at the site of the tragedies.

NBC, however, did not.

At that precise moment, Jenner -- the one we can blame for all things Kardashian -- was discussing her breast augmentation on the ‘Today Show.’ This is, of course, a very important topic, as most Kardashian body parts generally are.

But was it worth skipping over something still held so dear by most of the people in NBC’s morning news audience? Critics say it was not, and the internet has been abuzz with disapproval for the network and demands for an apology, especially since NBC Universal also owns the all-Kardashian, all-the-time E! network -- leading some to say the move was a deliberate one to give the family even more face time.

But NBC isn't issuing any sort of mea culpa.

A spokesperson from ‘Today’ said that it is not the show's tradition to observe the moment of silence like it is for other networks. NBC did so last year in honor of the 10th anniversary of the tragedy, but according to the spokesperson, it hasn't done so routinely since 2006.

As an act of contrition, we suggest Jenner observe about 5 million moments of silence to allow the nation to peacefully grieve the Kardashian tragedy in America. Throw in some quiet from Al Roker and you've got yourself a "forgive and forget" kind of situation.

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