Writer/director Kevin Smith has had his ups and downs since hitting the scene with his breakthrough 1994 feature 'Clerks,' which spawned a sequel and an animated series.

Now, 19 years later, Smith hints that a third and final film is on its way.

Smith has flirted in the past with revisiting the world of 'Clerks' in book form, but sent out a tweet today saying, "20 years later, this is the beginning of the end..." accompanied by an Instagram photo of a 'Clerks III' screenplay title page.

After a long series of box office duds, including the buddy cop venture 'Cop Out' and the political horror movie 'Red State,' speculation about what film would be Smith's last was rampant. Now? Maybe we know.

And for those aspiring actors hoping to be a part of the nerdiest trilogy ever filmed, there's still hope. After a rumor circulated that anyone who tweeted with the hashtag #clerkscast would be an extra in the film (despite there not even being a script yet), Smith squashed it last month, tweeting: "Don't believe the hype: Using hashtag #ClerksCast will NOT get you cast as an extra in CLERKS III. I'll let you know when it's casting time."

Hopefully this flick will earn a spot on our shelves next to 'Dogma' and not 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno.'

Just kidding. We would never buy that one.

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