Get out your tiniest of violins and play a funeral dirge for Kelsey Grammer, who can only afford to keep one of his two mansions in Beverly Hills since the cancellation of his Starz show 'Boss.'

Sad panda.

The actor wants to move back into the 10,000 square-foot mansion that he shared with his ex-wife Camille, even though the former couple is trying to sell their second home to keep from having to pay two mortgages.

He plans to rent out his other mansion for $30,000 a month after relocating. Because in Hollywood circles, you pay for a brand-new car every month that you don't actually have to live in.

But this plan apparently made Camille flipping mad, because she claims that it'll be harder to sell their estate if Kelsey, his young stewardess wife Kayte and their Playboy mansion partying baby move in.

She further alleges that it's not fair because she pays half the mortgage and the other expenses on the home -- which comes out to a grand total of $48,000 a month. Yes, in American dollars.

Kelsey countered this in his declaration to the judge, saying he pays half the costs of their Malibu home ($15,000) and should therefore be allowed to stay in the Beverly Hills crib. A hearing is set for next month, but Kelsey and company are allowed to stay in the home for now.

The court documents reveal Camille is currently raking in $41,000 a month in spousal and child support. But for someone who gets paid half a million dollars annually for doing absolutely nothing except being Kelsey Grammer's ex-wife, she sure does bitch a lot.