On the list of signs that you may have a fame-hunger problem, trying to convince people that you did indeed regularly bone Kelsey Grammer has to be in the top five.

Yet that's what former Playboy model turned 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' pseudo star Camille Grammer has felt compelled to do after her ex-husband claimed to have spent the final decade of their marriage wandering a sexless desert.

In a Monday night appearance on 'Conan,' Kelsey gallantly attempted to defend the honor of his new (and fourth) wife Kayte, whom he married about eight seconds after divorcing Camille last year. The 'Frasier' star denied the rumors that he and Kayte got bizzy the night they met -- while he was still married, by the way -- claiming that he and the 25-year-old flight attendant only kissed and "didn't do much more than kiss, actually, for several months."

"I would think that would be difficult," Conan said with surprise.

"Oh, for a guy who hasn't had sex for a decade," Kelsey chuckled, "it wasn't that hard." (Ugh. Did he have to use that word?)

Ignoring the fact that 10 years of sexual frustration might make a man more anxious to jump into the sack with a pretty air hostess rather than willing to wait, Camille is galled by the implication that she and Dr. Crane spent so many years carnally estranged.

"He lied on Conan," she tweeted, "he really needs to move on."

And here we thought getting a big fat divorce settlement from your rich older ex-husband while hardly ever having to put out was every Playboy model's dream.

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