Adam Lambert, a self-proclaimed "Joan Ranger," was on E!'s 'Fashion Police' last night (June 10) competing in a contest to take Joan Rivers out on a belated birthday date. And surprise, surprise, he won.

Granted his competition was Gilbert Gottfried and basketball player Darius Morris -- so he kinda had this in the bag.

Lambert was on the show as part of 'Joan Week,' marking Rivers' 80th birthday last weekend. The bit, 'Joan's Mating Game,' put the three bachelors in a 'Dating Game' situation with the legendary comedienne.

They didn't fight things out 'Highlander'-style, but rather were asked one simple question: Where would they take Joan out on a "dream date"?

While Gottfried had a long and amusing diatribe featuring watching the hippos (or "a Kirstie Alley film"), Morris had a more romantic take on the date that featured champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, and sealing the deal on a yacht.

Finally, it was Lambert's turn -- he suggested a shopping spree at Barney's, a trip to the spa, a never-before-seen Broadway play, and finally, tucking Joan into bed, after which they'd "fall asleep watching 'Fashion Police.'" WINNER.

Check out the video above for all the adorable and oftentimes hilarious details.

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