As a gabber on the style sewing circle known as 'Fashion Police,' Joan Rivers is the humorous foil to her co-hosts. She isn't afraid to voice her opinion, with the goal of getting a laugh out of viewers.

She's now upped the ante with a verbal attack on Vogue editor Anna Wintour, chiding the helmet-bobbed editress for taking herself (and fashion) too seriously.

"Anyone who takes it seriously is a fool," the comedian said. "Anna Wintour, just take your broom and stick it up your ass."

Since we're pretty sure Joan's aware that Anna herself hasn't physically swept anything with an actual broom in quite some time, odds are Rivers meant Wintour is a witch who flies around on one.

In which case, said broom would probably be one custom-made by Prada with baby fox fur bristles and a lacquered handle polished with the tears of a thousand Vogue interns.

Rivers seems to have a legit beef with the fashion doyenne, but it's worth nothing that Vogue is the bible of the fashion world -- and someone has to treat the dissemination of all the runway has to offer with the seriousness of a UN peacekeeping mission.

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