Comedienne Kathy Griffin will do anything for a laugh, including go pantsless.

She of caustic celebrity wit shared a photo of herself and her dutiful (what looks like a) yellow lab, who is posing next to her like that's his job. Meanwhile, the Griffinator is clad in a blue hoodie and black ankle strap heels -- and no pants.

Relax, already. It's not as salacious as it sounds. She's not showing off dental floss thong or any of her ladyparts. Her clothing covers any x-rated body real estate that might piss off conservative Christians (even if that's something we applaud). She looks like an Olympic swimmer - sort of - wearing a hoodie and bathing bottoms. The heels are just in case you're playing "one of these things is not like the other."

Why did Griffin go pantsless? We don't know. The only reason she offered was the Twitter caption, which read: "You guys didn't know today was pantless Tuesday?"

We were not in fact aware that Tuesday, Nov. 20 was a pants-free day.

Now we feel overdressed.

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