Despite Kim Kardashian's divorce deposition admitting she hardly sees Kanye West, don't be fooled into thinking he's a deadbeat future-baby daddy.

Yeezy's actually been spending serious dough -- more than most of us make in a year -- just to be with Kardashian for her doctor's appointments for their imminent Kimye spawn.

TMZ reports that West, who's been globetrotting promoting his fashion line and recording a new album, has made at least three trips via private jet to be with K.K. for checkups. The trips, from Paris to Los Angeles, cost a total of roughly $100,000.

'Good Life' indeed.

A source also revealed that West reaches out to Kardashian's doctors in advance on his own to make sure he can fit her appointments into his own hectic schedule.

West reportedly also flew Kardashian to Paris multiple times on his private jet to be with him ahead of their baby's birth, slated for July.

Whether or not he names his next album 'I Am God,' one thing's pretty sure: He's the father. And a pretty solid one so far.

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