Kim Kardashian and Kanye West don't just have trouble in streets peppered with sign posts.

They also have trouble in their own self-absorbed paradise. Pretty much the entire planet swears they're destined to break up when -- if not before -- their baby is born this summer.

“We just do not understand why she is traveling to Paris to see him. She is the pregnant one. Kanye will fly in to see the editors of Vogue, but he won’t fly in to see the lady carrying his child,” a close friend of the Kardashian klan told Naughty But Nice Rob (via Radar Online). "The only way they have a future is if Kim continues to do whatever he says."

TV host Wendy Williams also believes Kardashian and West won't last, telling Bravo (video below), "She and Kanye will not make it, and what kind of mom will she be? A single mom. They will split 30 seconds after the baby is born."

"I believe right now there is probably a plan in motion and Kris is probably helping Kim and Kim is probably asking for the help," she added. "I think Kanye's about sick of all of it, and he might think he has invested too much into this family and he is not going to win."

Man, we hate agreeing with her, but it's hard to totally discount her sentiments.

"You are not going to pull a Kardashian away from Kardashians," Williams explained. "They just don’t really understand what it's like to give up for other people."

They also don't seem to understand maternity wear or pregnancy itself, but hey, who's counting?