In a chain of events that some feel brings to mind the harbingers of death in the book of Revelation, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber were spotted canoodling at a Los Angeles hot spot over the weekend before leaving together.

Miles and Biebs (Miebs?) were spotted at Beacher's Madhouse late Saturday, June 8, where TMZ spies say they participated in some hard-core flirting.

Miley had on her now-regular Beetlejuice twerking pants with a black top, while Justin tried to rock a blue tank top with the backwards baseball cap all the kids seem so fond of these days.

The duo apparently left the club together around 2 a.m., and where they went from there is anyone's guess. But since Justin's absolutely ridiculous leopard-spotted Audi was seen leaving Miley's mansion earlier in the day, he clearly knows her address.

Unless that wasn't the Biebs' car at all. But really, who else would have a leopard spotted Audi? Fran Drescher?

(Miley Cyrus might be secretly hooking up with Fran Drescher, you guys. Spread that around.)

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