Late last month, Justin Bieber was forced to leave Mally, his pet Capuchin monkey, in a German quarantine when he didn't have the correct paperwork to bring the animal into the country. So instead of getting said paperwork to retrieve Mally from the Munich animal clinic, Bieber's team has now decided to just leave him there.

Looks like all Jimmy Kimmel's violent threats to have David Hasselhoff taken out were all for naught.

German authorities claim that Bieber's management team contacted them to ask if they could possibly find a "safe and sheltered place, or a zoo" for Mally to live out the rest of his life in Bieber-free peace.

Justin has until May 17 to claim his long-lost friend or send in a handwritten letter relinquishing his rights. The clinic also still needs that pesky paperwork in order to put Mally in "a welfare family group in a zoo."

The good news is that, according to the official who runs the center where Mally is staying, "a baby monkey was never going to be suited to be on a world tour even if he is traveling by private jet. He should be out in the wild climbing trees and learning from other monkeys if he isn't to have serious psychological problems later in life."

Sort of like the majority of teenaged pop stars, it seems.

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