In literal news that actually sounds like a lot of euphemisms, Justin Bieber's been sharing his pad with a bunch of pals ... and leaving his monkey in customs.

TMZ reports that Bieber has been letting his arguably bad influence and opportunist friend Lil Twist live in his Calabasas, Calif. mansion full time, as well as his friend Kevin "King Kevi" Pederson and a third anonymous comrade.

The three freeload off Bieber, quite literally: They live rent free, have their own security guard even when Bieber isn't home, and have free rein of his cars, most of which cost more than the average home -- and which they have no issues crashing.

Pederson is said to be the biggest partier of the unholy trinity, having thrown roughly 30 shindigs at the mansion since moving in about a month ago.

Sources told TMZ that the parties have varying guest lists, but that there is always an exorbitant amount of females compared to males -- and that sizzurp is usually present as well, though they've cut back on the codeine cocktails following Lil Wayne's health scare.

While his buds are partying at his place, Bieber's been on tour, and his somewhat disastrous European jaunt took yet another bizarre turn when his pet monkey was confiscated by German customs.

The Huffington Post reports that Bieber didn't have the proper documentation for the white-faced capuchin, pictured above, resulting in the critter being quarantined by German authorities when he flew in for his concerts in Munich.

And, uh, in related news, Justin Bieber has a monkey. No word on whether or not it's named "Jerry."