Teens in Norway love Justin Bieber a lot. A whole lot. So much so that they'd be willing to "convert" to Islam for a mere chance to win concert tickets.

Okay then.

Last year when Bieber performed there, a state of emergency was declared in Oslo. And this year, schools rescheduled testing around his concert.

In response to this insanity, a Norwegian show (TV Norge) decided to see just how far fans would go -- so it offered them the chance to win tickets in exchange for switching religions.

It's unreal just how many girls were willing to make the trade with a quickness, promising to follow the tenants of Islam for the rest of their lives, donning hijabs and taking special creeds they didn't even understand.

Watch the entire video for the full two minutes of WTF-ery -- and then boggle that the thing that made the girls hesitate most was having to take their makeup off.