As part of the cast of the hit sitcom 'Two and a Half Men,' Golden Globe and Emmy-winning actor Jon Cryer has seen his share of scandals, from Charlie Sheen's blow-out with the show's creator to actor Angus T. Jones' bizarre statements wherein he called the show satanic and urged viewers to stop watching.

Despite all this, Cryer remains optimistic about his time on the series -- because sometimes you gotta let these things roll off you like water on a Duckie's back.

“It is surreal to be part of several internet s---storms. When the latest one happened, Ashton came up to me and he looked like he had seen a ghost and he was like, ‘Did you hear about Angus?’ and I was like, ‘Is he ok?’ He said, ‘Sort of,’ and he showed me the video,” Cryer recalled to FOX 411.

“Having become a veteran of the internet s---storm, afterward I just looked at Ashton and said, ‘Well do you think he still wants to go in on the crew gift?’ It’s just been one after the other,” he joked. “Angus’ one was so minor because I wasn’t actually worried that any actual harm would come to him and he’s already been back to work several times.”

The interviewer then took the opportunity to mention that to some ladies, Cryer will always be Duckie from the classic '80s film 'Pretty in Pink.' And Jon is just fine with that.

“I am grateful for the years of goodwill that Duckie has gotten me from women of a certain age," he said. "That the movie still resonates is wonderful. As small as that movie was, it really touched a lot of people.”

Jon Cryer, we seriously miss your Flock of Seagulls hair. Check out the video below for an awesome dose of nostalgia.