Throat surgery seems to have gone very well for John Mayer. It gave him time to think about his life, prompting him to admit his wrongdoings to his many spurned ex-flames (even the ones who can't seem to get over him already).

And now he's expanded his humanitarian efforts to those who really need it -- by helping fix up some veterans' homes in Louisiana.

He didn't raise a barn Amish-style or anything, but he did work side-by-side with the locals in Shreveport to help paint the outside of newly-built homes for vets.

And he was pretty charming in the process. In the video above, you can hear him chatting with Army veteran Cliff Malone, who's the proud new owner of the house Mayer is painting.

E! reports the project was made possible by the Bob Woodruff Foundation, which seeks to reintegrate military veterans and their families back into society, and by John's friend Roger Waters (aka the legendary Pink Floyd vocalist).

Erin McCarty, KVKI
Erin McCarty, KVKI