Katy Perry and John Mayer got back together just in time to promote their new albums. Isn't it great when romance is so convenient?

The duo each have records coming out soon, and a track from Mayer's 'Paradise Valley,' called 'Who You Love,' has hit the web -- and it features none other than his on-again off-again love.

The sweet love song features a cute chuckle from Perry at the end, and interviewers took notice of it. "Did he tickle you or did you mess up?" host Nicole Biggins asked on Sirius XM Hits (via Us Weekly).

"I think that's just a love giggle," Perry explained. "It's like the ones that Mariah Carey had in 1990 and stuff like that." (That was back when Carey was married to Tommy Mottola, who basically admitted to being abusive and controlling.) She added, "Yeah, I think I was going for that, I think I was just so happy, I love that song."

She continued, "It's very humanizing. It's like the real moment, you're catching the real moment there."

Key word here? "Moment." Because if there's anything we know about these two, it's that they usually only last for brief moments before splitting up again.

Listen to John Mayer Feat. Katy Perry, 'Who You Love'

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