If you saw the movie 'Ted,' you likely fell in love with the titular potty-mouthed, pot-smoking chick magnet of a teddy bear. But in his quest for fame, it seems he may have met an ugly fate -- at the hands of Jimmy Kimmel.

After he made an appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' on Dec. 11, the late-night host tweeted a photo of himself over Ted's apparently lifeless body and directed an ominous message to the animatronic bear's voicer and creator (and 'Family Guy' mastermind) Seth MacFarlane:

"Ted died tonight @SethMacFarlane."

But since Ted is pretty much death-proof, we'll just assume he's napping something hard after a wicked buzz.

Before his faux demise, Ted joked during his appearance on Kimmel's show that he's achieved such a measure of fame that he now has to hide in Build-a-Bear workshops, whose Frankenstein-like nature of piecing bears together he finds horrifying.

He also said a 'Ted' sequel is in the works, and that he wasn't stoned during his sit-down with Kimmel. But no one really believed that.