After last year's Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel premiered the celebrity-filled gag trailer for 'Movie: the Movie.' Based on its success -- including over 20 million YouTube hits -- he premiered its sequel, 'Movie: the Movie 2V,' following the 2013 Oscars.

The idea is this: Sexy vampires, sexy zombies, sexy mummies and sexy leprechauns try to take over the world (in a plot based on the game Jenga), and only Jimmy Kimmel, Jessica Chastain and their Avengers-style team can save humanity.

The video also stars Gerard Butler as a man who can't keep track of his infant daughter, Bryan Cranston as an "armless piano savant" and John Krasinski as a radioactive super hero cocktail shrimp.

But if that's not enough for you, you'll also see a President Oprah, Wolf Blitzer and his hashtag #Sexpocalypse, Bradley Cooper as a teacher with a heart of gold, robot Jason Schwartzman and Chris Rock as a CGI golpher.

And then there's Matt Damon in a motion capture suit eating a "giant sandwich," Amanda Seyfried break-dancing and a giant genetically-engineered Channing Tatum. Just to name a few.

Check out the original gag trailer from last year below.

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