Kim Kardashian will be married when she gives birth to her spawn with Kanye West ... just not to him.

Radar Online reports that the alternate reality tart will still be legally wed to NBA player Kris Humphries when she releases Pandora's box of egotism and puddle-depth onto the world.

"Unless Kim gives in to Kris' demand that she admit the marriage was fraudulent, the divorce proceedings will still be ongoing and she will still be legally married to him when she gives birth," a source revealed.

The day after Valentine's Day, Feb. 15, Kardashian and Humphries' divorce lawyers will meet in court to set a date for their trial. The earliest the trial can be scheduled, because of Humphries' basketball schedule, is mid-June.

Kardashian, who's roughly three months along in her pregnancy, will probably squeeze out her Kimye souvenir in late June, and sources close to Humphries are saying the trial will definitely happen unless she gives in to his fraud claim.

"Kris isn't trying to drag this out, but he wants to be vindicated in court," an insider said. "Kris will see this through to the end."

At issue is a divorce, which Kim wants, and the annulment Kris is pushing for. Aside from wanting to call Kardashian out for the "fraud" he (rightfully) claims happened, those in the know say their prenup states a divorce would preclude him from selling details of their union to the highest bidder -- but no such restrictions are placed on an annulment.

Humphries also wants the $2 million engagement ring he gave Kardashian, which she thus far has refused to return.

Meanwhile, remember how K.K. and K.W. swore up and down that their kid wouldn't be on TV? About that.

"Kim and Kanye are an incredibly dynamic couple, and their baby news is just so exciting," E! president Suzanne Kolb told The Hollywood Reporter. "Like so many Kardashian fans, we love it when this close-knit family gets even bigger. We look forward to sharing the joy as they prepare for more diapers, more bottle and without a doubt, more fabulous baby wear."

Translation: If the network (read: the money) has any say, that kid will be pimped out faster than a runaway.

One thing that won't be tied to Kim on TV? Jenny Craig, which won't be helping Kardashian lose her post-demon spawn weight since she's simply too fake.

The weight loss giant told TMZ that they're focusing on "real results for real women this year. We will continue our working relationship with Mariah Carey."

Because as everyone knows, only two components of Mimi are plastic -- not all of her Lever-2000 parts.