With the exception of 'The Good Girl,' 'Horrible Bosses' and 'Wanderlust,' Jennifer Aniston hasn't taken too many (or enough) risks with her movie roles as she tried to transition from small screen 'Friends' sweetheart Rachel Green to bonafide movie star and serious actress.

She applies that same credo to her wardrobe.

Aniston, who became a fashion hot topic when she chopped her hair into a piecey shag known as "The Rachel," is not a fashion risk-taker save for the occasional plunging neckline, but she doesn’t need to be. Nor does that mean she doesn't look to-die-for when she hits a red carpet.

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It's just that she sticks to basics, in both cut and color palette, that are kicked up a notch with embellishments. Some might call it "boring" or "predictable," but she knows what works and stays with it. There's nothing wrong with a little consistency; it just won't ever get her labeled "fashion-forward." Somehow, we don't think that's keeping our gal Jen up at night, though.

The photo below, taken at a party in October, is the perfect example of what Jen always does and what she rarely does. Basic, safe black is one of her signature hues, and that plunging neckline is something she'll do to throw us for a loop every once in a while. Did we mention she doesn't do it often enough?

That's certainly a daring cut and we see side boobage, but it's her exception -- not her rule. (For what it's worth, the girls are pretty round and perky. She oughta show those things off more.)

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Here's another slimming silhouette with a braless bodice that she wore back in 2004. Makes the dress above feel like a reprise, right? Familiar, familiar, familiar.

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What's Right:

Aniston has a bangin' bod. Like we envy how in-shape this woman is. She's toned, fit and has great arms. So she can wear any silhouette. Her skin is also perennially sun-kissed, so any shade will pop against that tawny hue. But she keeps to blacks, navys, creams and whites, with an occasional metallic thrown in to keep us off-balance.

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We particularly love her in the two white column gowns seen below that she wore to red carpets as her marriage to Brad Pitt was ending.

The neckline of this dress, worn to Cannes in 2004, is sexy and different. The arm candy wasn't anything to sneeze at, either.

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Aniston is of Greek heritage, so this Greek goddess look was amazeballs. She also had the cajones to pair a gown with "I just got off the beach" hair. How very California of her.

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She wore this to the Oscars during the (unfortunate since she deserved better) John Mayer phase. The side braid was a nice touch.

But catch our drift? All her gowns are very similar. She doesn't tap-dance on the edge of design.

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She also has enviable hair, thanks to its texture and thickness. She rocked a side part at the 2006 Oscars, paired, with long, face-framing layers. She also dressed up (another) black gown with some banging bling.

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Jen, please, don't cut the hair. Ever. It looks best when long and straight. Bangs are optional; you look hot with and without.

What's Wrong:

God love her, Jen can get a little frumpy when out and about in Hollywood. She wore cargo pants for a decade. She also sported round-rimmed granny glasses that aren't chic unless you're Lady Gaga.

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She's also fond of toe rings, which are so 2005. Let those go, Jen, and stick to strappy heels.

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She also takes black-tie too literally and doesn't stray much from white, black or navy. So the monochromatic nature of her wardrobe is both a pro and a con, a plus and a minus.

How to Fix It:

"How to fix it" is a bit harsh, since Jen is always polished and put together ... and predictable. So we'll suggest that it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if Aniston threw caution to the wind and stepped out in hot pink or lemon yellow every once in a while. A bold color might do her good.

When she went for a blue and white print, she ended up looking a bit too dowdy. So something electric and unexpected would turn heads.

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When she went for a black and white pattern print, it was a bit dizzying, but the peplum waistline is very right now in fashion, and works for her shape. More of this pattern. Less of the grandma patterns.

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Overall, Aniston is consistent and knows what works, so she sticks with it. But she's blessed and not one of those people who has a small array of looks to choose from. She is blessed enough with her figure to try other things and see what else works.

More of that, please. Just sayin'.