You love Jay-Z. We love Jay-Z. Beyonce loves Jay-Z. Most sane people can’t help but love Jay-Z. And this video illustrates exactly why.

The music mogul and new father has been promoting his album ‘Magna Carta,’ which is set to be released during the July 4th holiday weekend. (We’d say “drop” but we’re too busy fawning ridiculously over this clip to try to be cool.) This means he’s been dotting the web with videos to get fans excited.

Instead, this video got us (and Jay-Z) a little weepy. In it, he talks about how he didn't learn from his father how to be a man, raise a child or treat a woman -- because his dad bailed early on. And now, Jay's got “the paranoia of not being a great dad” because he's afraid his father's absence left him without the tools and lessons needed to raise little Blue Ivy.

“And I have a daughter,” he says, a bit choked up.

Hey, Jay -- the fact that you’re worried about it? Already means you're doing something right.

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