Actor Steve Martin was biking in Wilkes-Barre, Penn. on Tuesday (July 2) when he lost his wallet -- but in a strange turn of events, it was returned with Steve's driver's license and credit cards intact.

Yes, we may have very well fallen into the Twilight Zone, a dimension where people do good things simply because they're good people.

It might also help that this wallet belonged to Steve Martin and come on -- are you really gonna rob Steve Martin?

According to concert hall director Will Beekman (via the Huffington Post), Martin was in town doing a bluegrass show, and the good Samaritan, knowing this, contacted the concert hall to get the wallet back to him.

Beekman says Martin wanted to thank his wallet's rescuer in person, but he didn't know if said kind soul received a reward or not. As though a "thank you" from Steve Martin wouldn't be reward enough.

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