Anderson Cooper is a cultural watchdog, but who's tasked with keeping the silver fox in check? Why, Honey Boo Boo, of course. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

Coop's pal, Bravo gabber Andy Cohen, posted a photo of the journalist in his office, presumably while Cohen was recently guest-hosting Coop's daytime talk show. As the CNN anchor is deep in thought and poring over a document of undoubted incredible importance, a cardboard cut out of the Boo, looking alternately resplendent and creepy porcelain doll-like in hot pink, maintains a watchful eye over him from her position in the corner.

Perhaps she keeps him on the straight (well, not really) and narrow. If he dares to misstep, he'll deal with the wrath of the Boo. And no one -- not even Anderson Cooper -- wants that.

One thing Cooper and Boo Boo have in common is their love of sugary drinks. Notice the soda can on the table in front of him, while Boo's mother is known to ply her with "Go-Go juice," a crippling caffeine combo of Red Bull and Mountain Dew that would make us holler for a whole lot less than a dollar.

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