Sharon Osbourne laid to rest all rumors that she quit the reality show 'America's Got Talent' over a feud with fellow judge Howard Stern, saying it all had to do with how NBC treated her son Jack.

NBC, on the other hand, has long since moved on -- it's now scored supermodel Heidi Klum as Sharon's replacement.

Osbourne let loose on the peacock network to TMZ, telling them her son was kicked off their military-style reality show 'Stars Earn Stripes' because he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

The network did confirm they asked Jack to leave after a number of health screenings, but said Sharon was throwing the whole thing out of proportion and no discrimination was at play, just a concern for his health during the labor-intensive show.

When asked if she was willing to forgive and forget, Sharon responded, "Over my dead body! They can suck my lipo'd arse."

Meanwhile, Heidi has officially been confirmed as Osbourne's replacement, and recently landed in New Orleans to begin filming. "It was hard to go to sleep last night," she said. "I'm not sure who will be more nervous though – me or the contestants!"

"I've always wanted to work with Howard Stern. I think he's so funny, charming, handsome and smart. And, yes, he did tell me to say this," she quipped of her new co-star.

Paul Telegdy, president of NBC's alternative and late-night programming, said of the decision,"Heidi has an amazing career across multiple media platforms, and has built a brand that is a force in the entertainment business. She has achieved superstardom while balancing being a businesswoman and hard-working mom, bringing a huge amount of experience, discernment and taste to the panel."

"The contestants will benefit from [her] international sensibility and understanding of what works in today's global entertainment industry."

In addition to Stern, Klum will be joining host Howie Mandel and fellow newbie judge Mel B (of Spice Girls and Eddie Murphy's baby-mama fame).

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