A billboard for the 12th season of 'Project Runway' has been banned in Los Angeles, and it has nothing to do with the fact that we're now on the 12th season of 'Project Runway.'

Rather, the billboard has been banned for displaying nude people who are strategically covering up all their naughty bits. In other words, you can't see anything at all. But ZOMG THE CHILDREN.

To recap, in LA, people portraying nudity = bad, but the Kardashians -- who do things like smell each other's crotches -- are treated like royalty.

You have weird rules, Los Angeles.

Anyway, the ad features 'PR' host Heidi Klum as Marie Antoinette and mentor Tim Gunn (YOU GO TIM GUNN!) as her anachronistic yet awesome servant. They both wield giant needles while oiled, nude models apparently worship them ... or something.

Personally, we would have dressed Heidi and Tim up like Greek Gods if we were going that route, but what do we know about advertising? Besides everything Don Draper taught us, of course.

Regardless of the strange theme, the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety has the ability to ban billboards for containing "obscene matter." And that's what they've done. (Why Tim Gunn didn't tell the advertising team to "make it work" is beyond us.)

'Project Runway' will return with a whole new cast of likely clothed hopefuls July 18 on Lifetime.

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