Gwyneth Paltrow rang in the New Year onstage with her husband, Coldplay singer Chris Martin, their children and, of course, Jay-Z -- because Gwynnie's life is never quite perfect enough.

But since she showed off her awesome white girl mom-dance, we're all a little better for the experience.

Warning: What you're about to see above (and below) is the whitest thing you'll see today unless maybe you go head-first into a ball pit of angel food cake.

In the video, Hova did his thing while his BFF Chris -- we're still not quite sure how that friendship works -- grooved around him. And he was so damned adorable that we even temporarily forgot he's that reedy annoying voice in Coldplay.

Meanwhile, his wife clutched a flute of champagne as she bounced around, fist-pumped, head-bobbed, swayed her arms and gave us a rare peek into what house parties in the Hamptons must look like after everyone's had too many gin and tonics and relaxed their sphincters long enough to release the sticks therein.

You can almost hear the wildlife documentarian. Shhh. Watch the WASP in her natural habitat. No sudden moves!

And thanks to Buzzfeed, we even have a slew of animated GIFs in honor of the occasion.