Be sure you know what you're getting into, Dakota Johnson!

The starlet's longtime boyfriend, Jordan Masterson, is rumored to be encouraging the actress to join the Church of Scientology to cope with the stress of 'Fifty Shades of Grey.'

Masterson, 27, is reportedly uncomfortable with all the sex scenes Johnson, 23, will have to perform in the steamy flick and thinks a move to Scientology -- often labeled a cult -- will help her deal with her sudden rise to superstardom from relative obscurity.

A source told Grazia magazine (via the Daily Mail), "Jordan feels taking on such a huge role and the fame that goes with it will mean she needs some help -- and that's where Scientology could step into help her."

Why is this weird? Well, not only because it's Scientology, but also because, well, Jordan Masterson isn't famous ... and because Scientology allegedly broke up his family after his father, Joe Reachie, was excommunicated from the Church. Reachie told the Mail, "No religion has the right to ruin you and split up your family."

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